Speeding up my University Degree’s | Pros and Cons

Speeding up my University Degree’s | Pros and Cons
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The way I see it, if you get your university degree over and done with as fast as you can than you will have much more time in life to earn money, travel and do whatever the hell you really feel… as long as it’s legal of course! But many people simply don’t feel the same way, and I can see why. Finishing your university degree slowly may also have its perks – you will have more time to work and save money therefore allowing you to travel more, generally socialise more and enjoy your younger years. I just personally feel option one makes more sense.
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But it also depends on what type of person you are. I am someone with great motivation to get things over and done with. My main goal in life, while i’m young, is to travel as much as possible! Also, I am the type of person who hates sleeping in late because then you’ve missed half the day and you get less done. I like to be productive, therefore it makes sense why I feel getting university over and done with as fast as possible is sensible.
Because I feel this way, I just enrolled myself in two summer business units at the university I currently attend – the Queensland University of Technology. The units are 1) Consumer Behaviour and 2) Global Business. It should be a walk in the park really, most uni students in Australia who study full time do 4 units in a semester, so this 2 units should be a breeze, they are both related to business and both take place at one campus. So I have some pro’s and con’s to this decision that i’d like to share and get off my chest.
The con’s are…
– It’s in the summer, so basically I won’t have enough time to socialise as the rest of my friends…
– I’ll have to take out a whole different student loan to what I already have. That means a HECS-HELP loan and a FEE-HELP loan – 2 loans to pay off after uni!
– I won’t know anyone, because anyone of my friends would probably say hell no to extra summer study.
– I’ll have to spend money travelling an hour and a half into the city from probably a maximum of 3 days a week.
– I won’t have as much time to work and save money.
The pro’s are…
– I’ll get to meet a whole new bunch of people!
– I’ll have a generally empty campus to study on compared to a normal semester!
– I’ll have two classes only to study instead of four. Ahh, i’m already relaxing at the thought!
– If I take 2 more classes next summer, than I will have cut off a semester of my university degree which means completing two bachelors degrees in 3 1/2 years!
– I will have more design classes to study towards the end of my degree compared to theory intense business classes! YAAAAAAY!

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So the pro’s outweigh the cons, hence why I am undertaking this decision. Everyone is different though, and people need to put themselves first and do whatever it takes to make their life more enjoyable. I’ll be finished uni by the age of 20 max, 19 if I do 5 classes instead of 4 in the normal semesters, with two degrees under my sleeve! My life seems so much more fulfilling this way…
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