This is a travel // adventure // experiences blog… I should probs write about my Queensland Roadtrip: Part 1

This is a travel // adventure // experiences blog… I should probs write about my Queensland Roadtrip: Part 1

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been home for 2 weeks and I haven’t posted a thing. I feel lazy, and right now, it feels like a good time to get it all out. Since our trip was 2 weeks long, I am not going to write 2 weeks worth of text into one blog post for a couple reasons, 1) There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL that I would be able to sit here… at my desk… on a nice and hot WINTER’S day (wtf Australia, why is it 25 degrees in Winter?) and write a 2 week thorough summary of my trip, 2) because I know you guys would not even want to read that much text and lastly, because I am nearly a week’s worth behind on Accounting study that I need to get done, but I felt that this was much, much more important than my university grades. You see where my priorities need to be improved. Hence, the blog title, THIS IS A TRAVEL // ADVENTURE // EXPERIENCES BLOG… I SHOULD PROBS WRITE ABOUT MY QUEENSLAND ROADTRIP: PART 1.

cool title, i know.

On the night we were supposed to leave at midnight, we ended up leaving at 9pm cause Dad couldn’t sleep and he was the one who was driving. So there we are, the 5 of us packed into a Nissan Patrol with 15264839 suitcases in the boot , at 9pm leaving the hometown of Morayfield. We drove and drove and drove and I eventually fell asleep – about an hour from Childers. Whenever we do these trips to Mission Beach I always seem to wake up when we get to Childers… fucking Childers, my memories of Childers are basically the nighttime, roadworks and bumpy roads. Childers and I have a relationship I have concluded. Although we did stop in Gin Gin afterwards planning to all have a 3 hour nap, but instead the silence was awkward and we ended up having laughing fits – basically we got 1 1/2 hours sleep.

The rest of that day was basically driving through small towns and a few big cities like Rockhampton (where we stopped for our always compulsory Macca’s breakfast), Mackay and Cardwell.

Before I go on I feel like I should make this evident, my family and I basically have extended family up at Mission Beach. So every two years or so, we make the 20 hour drive from Morayfield to Mission Beach to stay at their Caravan Park/Resort they own for a week or two. Hence, I basically know the coast road from Brisbane to Cairns like the back of my hand. This was probably the 10th trip we’ve made up there since I was born nearly 18 years ago.

And then we encountered the dreaded ‘Sarina to Marlborough Horror Stretch’. I find it hilarious how Australians have given this highway a name that describes exactly what you feel when your driving down it, the horror that it will never fucking end! Basically the stretch is a highway that is about 200kms long. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive it and it is basically just the same thing your looking at for this whole time. It feels like it will never end.
It eventually did though and we headed for Mission Beach! We arrived at 6:30pm, finally and settled into our villa. We met our Nan and Pop up there, they had dinner waiting for us… bless them! And part of our extended family Janene, Don, Chloe and her beautiful newborn Lukah came to visit us.

So that was our first 24 hours of our trip, 21 of them were spent in a car with 4 other adult sized people. The cramps man, the cramps… it was good to finally be at our home away from home.
I’ll do another entry tomorrow covering our week at Mission Beach!

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