My Summer Must-Do’s!

My Summer Must-Do’s!

9 days. In exactly 9 days I will be exam-free. As of right now, i’m finished uni until next February except for one little accounting exam that I need to study for. But with the holidays basically already here, i’ve been compiling a little Summer Must-Do list for myself.
My goal is to have the best Summer i’ve ever had. This year has been full of little imperfections for myself; i’ve been sick, I failed some classes at uni, i’ve been questioning what to do with my life career wise and much more. So I wan’t to make this year not completely shit by having a fab Summer.

  • Mini roadtrip to Byron Bay. [I’ve always thought Byron was like 6 hours away, but I recently found out it’s only like 2.5, so why not]
  • Work, work, work! [Save a bucketload of cash $$$]
  • Speaking of work; find a part-time job. [So i’m not always seemingly broke].
  • Go to the drive in movies at Yatala [a goal of the July holidays that did not get fulfilled]
  • Attend a Music Festival and gigs.
  • Take more and more photographs
  • Go to a zoo, see some animals.
  • Buy a puppy of my own! [love to see my parents agree to this one…]
  • Climb more mountains, go hiking!
  • Book my first overseas trip… or two.. or ten.
  • Drink more water, eat more fruit. Less fast food. [Goodbye McDonalds].
  • Journal more, blog more, design more.
  • Jump in my car and drive. Who knows where but just keep driving.
  • Fall in love. [aw, a summer romance]

Create your own, especially if you’re young. Right now I have no responsibilities, I don’t have a proper job, I don’t have any pets, I don’t have any kids.. promise mum and dad. I can literally do whatever the hell I want, even if it’s stupid and pass it off as a silly adolescent mistake. Fucking yolo.
pls, don’t murder me for saying that, it had to be done. 


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