Life with a broken toe | Escapades of the travelling moon-boot.

Life with a broken toe | Escapades of the travelling moon-boot.

In a typical Racquel fashion, I’ve injured myself again. It seems like something’s always wrong with me, most of the time it’s just me exaggerating and overreacting, but this time was legitimate.
Picture this:
There I am, running around my house looking for socks, ankle guards, my university hoodie and filling up my water bottle, running late as usual for one of the most important events in my calendar this month; the Northern University Games Netball Trials. Runs into laundry, grabs socks, kicks toe on door. Guess what happens next… yep… a stream of profanities.
Ouch oh myyyy fucking god what the fuck ow ow ow shit fuck me ahhhhhh!!!!
Runs to bedroom, grabs phone, turns off the One Direction (don’t judge me) song playing because this moment is too painful for such uplifting music. Sits on bed, debates what the fuck happened.
Throughout all this time, I didn’t cry once. I just thought “oh, I’ve just stumped my toe again, like usual, the pain will go away soon”. 10 minutes later: pain hasn’t stopped, I move my toe around, assessing the damages, pins of pain shoots through me. Tries to walk, nope, can’t be done. Sits on bed. Cries eyes out. I wasn’t sure if I was crying because of the pain or because I would miss trials. Calls Mum, Ty drives me to netball (where mum is) so she can assess my injury. Toe is a massive balloon. Fucking great.
Goes to hospital, x-rays… oh look, doctor returns.
“Racquel Hardie? Wanna see what you’ve done?”
BAM! Broken toe, snapped right in half!
This last week has been a different type of lifestyle for me, and I’d like to share with you all what I have learnt about a life with a broken toe.
People are lovely.
Some people are quite kind when they see a girl hobbling around in a moonboot. They move out of the way whilst you’re walking. They throw you a kind smile. They let you have a seat to yourself on the bus/train. They don’t rush you on the escalators or whilst climbing stairs. One guy even asked if I was okay, he then walked me to class. Turns out he’s a Masters degree student in IT. Nice guy.
People are sympathetic, then they couldn’t care less
On the other hand, some people are assholes. Classic example that I’ve gotten so much is something like this…
“Oh, are you okay? What happened?”
“I broke my toe”
“That’s it? And you need a moonboot for that? Toughen up”.
Protection to a broken limb seems unnecessary to some
Which brings me to my 3rd point. I have a moonboot on to protect my toe. Surgeons don’t plaster a little toe and it needs to stay stable somehow. Also, you break your toe and have someone stand on it, tell me then that it doesn’t hurt at all. And for your information, a little fact for you, if you didn’t have your little toe, you wouldn’t be able to balance. Yeah, that’s right.
Sleeping isn’t actually all that hard
I thought I’d have to sleep with my leg out from under the sheets for the next 4 weeks, but it’s not painful at all to have a comforter resting on a broken toe. It’s all about positioning folks!
Having a shower is a nightmare
So, I have tape around my 3 toes and I change it every 2nd night. That means I sometimes need to shower with a plastic bag on my foot. Firstly, the whole point of a plastic bag is to keep my foot dry. Secondly, do you know how hard it is to keep it dry? The water goes straight through, but recently I figured out the secret: rubber bands. Those are the knees!
I miss exercise
I really do. Even though I usually hate it. I can’t wait for the day where I can stick on my shoes and go for a jog.
Working isn’t ideal
I can’t work at Suncorp because I NEED to have leather closed in shoes, and considering I can’t stick my foot in a shoe yet this is impossible. McDonalds are being pals and letting me work, mainly in Drive Thru but I’m grateful for that.
A moonboot is like a pillow for my leg.
It’s heaven!
I miss netball
It’s quarter-finals next week and my awesome team have won every game this season. We have 3 weeks left until the seasons over and I’m not supposed to be good for another 3 weeks. But I’m crossing my fingers and doing everything I can to heal because playing the finals with an amazing group of girls would be the perfect way to end the semester.
I know that what I’m going through is absolutely nothing compared to other people out there dealing with life-threatening illnesses, poverty and starvation. I would rather live with a broken toe my whole life, if it bought equality and peace to the world. This blog post is a simple vent. I am grateful for my life and this is just a minor bump in the road. I still SEEKING LIFE, even with this hiccup. 



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