#RacAndHolsDoNZ | Part 3 | Taupo, Rotorua, Waitomo and Auckland Memorabilia.

#RacAndHolsDoNZ | Part 3 | Taupo, Rotorua, Waitomo and Auckland Memorabilia.

We’re here. Concluding #RacAndHolsDoNZ with part 3. Our last couple of days were coming to an end- Taupo, Rotorua, Waitomo and Auckland were our last places of call.
Taupo is magnificent! I wish we had spent a whole day there. The accommodation was probably the best we’d had so far. Our main purpose for visiting Taupo was to visit Lake Taupo. On our only night we had a graffiti boat party; which is basically wearing a white shirt, bringing a heck of a lot of Sharpies and writing all over each other. I loved this because now I have a personalized shirt from all my Contiki buddies that I will be able to remember forever. We also travelled down the desert road. It’s insane because most of NZ is green, with lots of hills and farmland but then there’s this radius of dead grass, sand roads, surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

The next day we headed off to the VERY hot Rotorua. We had 2 days here and the first was jam-packed. Firstly we stopped in at Huka Falls on the way. These falls are hectic! So blue, so fast and so many rapids! Truly incredible. Next was our OGO Ball experience. For those who don’t know what an OGO ball is, it is basically a massive plastic ball that you climb inside, it’s filled with a little bit of water and you roll down a hill in it. I raced Holly and won! It’s so fun and for anyone that gets the chance to do this I definitely recommend it!

On the same day we headed to the Rotorua Gondela and Luge. The Luge rides are so fun! Especially when you accidently choose the advanced track and nearly fly off the side of the mountain! We had lunch there with an incredible view and it was definitely a highlight for me.
We then visited a Maori Village and saw the Geothermal Mud Pools. Everyone said the mud pools smelt like rotten egg but luckily my nose was blocked as I was sick as a dog so I couldn’t smell a thing!
Lastly we enjoyed a traditional dinner and dance by some Maori people. This was amazing and so culturally influencing. My second day in Rotorua sucked as I stayed in bed all day sick. Although, one plus was the room service food I got for dinner; it was delicious! You don’t truly appreciate room service until you’re stuck in a foreign country, sick, with no direction as to where the closest food sources are.
Our second last day was based in Waitomo. Waitomo is so small and I find small, isolated towns so intriguing so I loved Waitomo, it was surrounded by rainforest, it rained most of the time and kind of reminded me of Forks from Twilight. Cringe. Here we did a walking tour of the glow-worm caves, which was amazing! So worth the money and so cheap as well. Afterwards we walked from the caves back to our lodge… in the rain… along the highway… it was an experience!

The day had arrived, our last day in NZ, we travelled to Auckland whilst getting ready to say our goodbyes. But firstly, Kate and I stopped to grab the most delicious Italian you would have ever tried! Then I realized that was probably a bad idea considering I would be walking around the Sky Tower 192m in the air within the next 2 hours. The sky tower was insane! It was literally a one-metre platform with no handrails and I walked 360 degrees around the tower! Another highlight!

And that was the end. We hoped on our shuttle to the airport and flew back to Brisbane. All in all, it was the best experience I’ve had so far! I did so many new things, things I thought I would have never done and I met a bunch of new people. I recommend Contiki 100%. Europe 2017 anyone? Solo maybe? I’m in the process of planning and saving!

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