My Travel Bucketlist… of course, when I get rich.

My Travel Bucketlist… of course, when I get rich.
Now, I’ll be the first to admit- as you’re probably going to find out very, very soon- that I am the worst person in the world when it comes to knowing geography and actual classifications of places. And by actual classifications I mean that after my 19 years of life I still don’t know if some places are classified as countries or states. I don’t even know, I mean I guess geography was something that I never paid much attention to in school and now I love to travel but can’t tell you whether Texas is a city or a state in the USA.
The whole point of this post is to make known to the world the places that I would like to visit the most in the near future and why, #1 being the most desired and number #5 being the least but still desired. SO hold on tight ya’ll because you’re about to get blown away by how bad my geological viewpoint is on the world.
Photo Cred: Cox and Kings USA
#1: England: United Kingdom.
Everything about the UK invites me in, the accents, the history, the landscapes, the cities, the countryside, the weather, the cold beaches, the citizens (*cough* particularly Harry Styles) and so, so, so, much more! England in particular because I see photos and hear about special events that occur in this place and I start to get extremely jel of the people who get to consume this magnificence and for once I wanna consume England’s surroundings. After living in dry, humid, weather bipolar, hot Queensland (which is beautiful by the way), I would love to experience sitting around a fire, drinking tea whilst covered in clothing to keep the 3 degrees temperature from affecting my freezing bones.
Photo Cred: Surprising Italy
#2: Italy
Basically, the food. I mean pasta, pizza and Italian cuisine is my life. I wanna eat my body weight in local delicacies! Also, the landscape is just gorg!
Photo Cred: Travel Marvel
#3: Canada
‘I’m from Saskatoon, ehy”, high five if you caught that Grown Up’s reference! I like you. But seriously, Canada is like my personal paradise. All I can think about is snow covered trees, dense forest, large blue lakes and those wooden cabins with creaky wooden floors, built in fireplaces and lots of blankets and hot chocolate.
Photo Cred: Mike Putnam
#4: Oregon: USA
From my understanding, Oregon is similar to Canada but just a little bit warmer. So of course this is a destination of choice. Also, Oregon has more waterfalls, forests and mountains that I can guess; 3 elements of nature that I am particularly fond of. Oregon also is home to adventure, polar jackets, pine, gumboots, Jeep’s and other like vehicles and people that all have some sentimental value that they truly cherish. I feel like I would get along with the people of Oregon.
#5: Switzerland: Europe.
“I’m Switzerland, okay”, reference number 2, high five Twilight fans! The Swiss Alps are the epiphany of beauty. With little ski lodges, gorgeous landscapes and green valley’s, Switzerland has something to offer me I believe.
Of course, funds are needed to make these trips and dreams come true, so, um feel free to donate to the ‘Love Rac’ organization…

That’s my travel bucketlist! What’s yours?

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    January 19, 2016 / 9:48 am

    Note to Editor: in the beginning you said numbered 1-10 however there are only 5 places.

  2. January 21, 2016 / 11:53 am

    Whoops! Thank you for pointing that out. My bad… xx

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