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In November last year I got to travel with Air New Zealand for the first time ever and I was fairly surprised at the level of professionalism and appropriate service I received whilst flying both domestically and internationally in economy class. This review is my personal opinion and may prove to be helpful to others debating to fly with Air New Zealand.

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Plane Features

Leg Room

The airline’s plane features for economy class are exceptional. The first thing I noticed when I boarded the plane was the amount of leg room you are allocated; when flying with other airlines, I have found myself partially squished with minimum amount of room for movement available, but with Air New Zealand, the leg room is 10/10.

In-flight Entertainment

I personally did not use much of Air New Zealand’s in-flight entertainment when flying with the airline because I was ill and half asleep most the time. Although, the airline does offer domestic flight passengers a magazine and they screen an in-flight quiz which is actually pretty fun to participate in. With International Flights, passengers are offered movies, television series, music, games, a flight map and more.


As soon as the plane was at flying altitude we were offered snacks by the air hostess’. The flight was only 3.5 hours so meals were not given, although we did receive biscuits, water, juice or little packets of chips. Typical airline food- strangely satisfying-, but better than the airline I flew with two weeks beforehand. When flying internationally, you are offered a variation of dinner and breakfast meals as well as having the option to purchase alcohol.


Air New Zealand’s staff was very welcoming and helpful in my experience. From the minute you check in for your flight, to boarding the plane, to actually flying to your destination and hopping off the plane the staff were informative and generally nice.

Flight Experience

I flew with Air New Zealand when going from Christchurch to Queenstown domestically and from Auckland to Brisbane internationally and both flights were smooth and as comfortable as possible when flying economy class. The cabin temperature was perfect- not too warm or too cool- and we experienced no turbulence whatsoever.

Queenstown Flying

Plane Features: 8/10

Food: 7/10

Staff: 9/10

Flight Experience: 8/10

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