A Quick Guide | The Capricorn Caves

A Quick Guide | The Capricorn Caves

Visiting and touring the Capricorn Caves has been an essential destination to attend to when visiting the Capricorn region along the Central Queensland Coast. For anyone thinking of visiting these caves someday soon or someday in the future, here’s a quick overview of what to expect.
Getting There
From Rockhampton, take the Bruce Highway (A1) until you see the signed right turn off towards The Caves (down Rossmoya Road). Continue on until you see the right turn off for Barmoya Road. Follow Barmoya Road and veer right when you see Olsens Caves Road. The drive is approximately 30 minutes from Rockhampton’s city centre.
Accommodation is available at The Caves at the Capricorn Caves site ranging from powered and unpowered caravan sites, lodge’s and various cabin types. Otherwise, accommodation is abundant throughout Rockhampton and surrounding localities.
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I visited the Caves in early Spring where the weather was a decent heat outside the caves, and where the temperature dropped to cool inside the caves. If visiting this time of the year, I don’t recommend jackets or jeans to be worn; it does not get THAT cold, even inside the caves. Due to the dense bush land and dry rainforest-like nature, mosquitoes and sandflies are abundant! The Caves staff provides insect repellent for customer use but it can run out quickly. I recommend that you bring your own and use the good stuff, such as Bushman’s (available at Woolworths).
The Tours
The Caves offer three types of tours to the public:

  1. The Cathedral Cave Tour
  • 1 hour guided tour
  • Departs hourly from 9am-4pm
  • Easy walking, some stairs; wheelchair accessible tours available
  • Photography permitted
  • Enclosed footwear recommended
  • From $15-$75

This is the tour my family and I embarked upon. If you’re claustrophobic forget it; although if you are feeling adventurous go for it, you are able to turn back and exit the tour at anytime. There is an overload of information; I felt at times that there was too much information being thrown at us. The start of the tour starts off pretty boring and basic. Although, towards the middle and end of the tour is where things start to get exciting. You are led into this cathedral type cave with seating and given an idea of what caves darkness is like and what the caves acoustics are like. Towards the end of the tour you have the option to exit the cave with the guide or to take the zig-zag path through the narrow cave walls. The cave darkness, zig-zag path and cave acoustics were by far the best part of the tour.

  1. The Geotour: ‘A Journey of Discovery’
  • 2 hour guided tour
  • Bookings essential
  • Minimum ages – 16 years
  • Moderate fitness required
  • Enclosed footwear essential
  • $75 (all ages)
  1. The Bats and Bones Tour
  • 2 hour guided tour
  • Bookings essential
  • Minimum age – 5 years
  • Enclosed footwear essential
  • From $25-$35

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The Capricorn Caves is something that everyone must experience in his or her lifetime. I wouldn’t recommend taking kids younger than four simply because boredom will probably factor in. If you have joint or muscle aches/issues, carefully consider you ability to successfully undertake the physical requirements of navigating the Caves. The Cathedral Tour had steep, narrow, goats-trail like steps but can also be accessed by wheelchair. I’m glad that I’ve done it, but it is not something that I would do again.
Capricorn Caves Official Website
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