I was laying in bed last night thinking about how i’m turning 20 next month. Such train of thought prompted me to think of all the lessons i’ve learnt within my past 20 years of life. Of course, not everything could be mentioned, but here are 20 of them that I at least could remember.

  • Pineapple IS acceptable on pizza; and it’s delicious
  • You appreciate certain songs so much more after they’ve been release for at least three years. Throwback anyone?
  • I’m really bad at ‘going on a diet’. Hence the photos of previous failed attempts…

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  • And no matter how old you are, there is always time for Milo.
  • Dry shampoo is the greatest invention to ever occur in the beauty industry
  • Documenting memories is important. Document everything in the form of photos, journals, videos, souvenirs, etc. Hence the very large Insta post count…


  • Keep your finances in check, photocopy everything legal related and organize these per financial year.
  • Dogs make life just that little more better


  • Kmart gives us low to middle-class people life.
  • Materialistic possessions are exactly that. Put your money towards experiences rather than ‘things’.
  • You need a space that is simply yours: whether that’s your room, car, or even your own house. Make it yours too, decorate and fill it with things that either have meaning or things that you like.


  • Constantly teach yourself new things that’s aren’t related to your job. Learn a different language; do short courses, read books…
  • Get a decent night sleep every night and be productive throughout the day.
  • Travel; it’s the only thing that you’ll spend money on that will make you richer.
  • Learn to take care of yourself. Try not to lean on someone all the time. Stand on your own two feet and love yourself.
  • Take moments to appreciate aspects of your life. When you don’t want to get up in the morning to go to work, think of how lucky you are to have a job and income. When you think university is attacking you from the left, right and centre, think of how lucky you are to get an education.
  • Your siblings can be your best friends if you treat them right. Treat them as an equal and not in ways where age is a factor. My siblings are my best friends.


  • Learn how to do the washing. I didn’t know until I just turned 19 and I feel like that’s a little embarrassing.
  • Family is literally everything; the world could be ending and the only thing that would be worrying me is the safety of my family. They are truly the only people that you can be completely yourself around and they will be there a hell of a lot longer than anyone else will be. Cherish them.


  • But remember to think for yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from achieving something, trying something or taking risks. If you do, then are you really living?
Racquel Hardie
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