Today is a milestone. Today my little sister, Monique, graduated high school.

I have all these little, faded memories of this toddler that used to run around the house causing all sorts of trouble, her infectious laugh would fill the house Monique, Ty and I grew up in, her smile sparkled and paired perfectly with her eccentric, outgoing and sweet personality. I specifically remember Ty, Monique and I running around Grandma and Pop’s farm collecting Easter eggs together, playing rugby in our front yard with Dad, lighting fires on the roundabout outside our house with Taylor, helping Pop walk Monique home from kindergarten and indulging in strawberry milk and biscuits when we reached our grandparents’ home and I remember sharing rooms with this little nugget when we were kids.

Before I knew it, Monique grew up and I didn’t even realise. She started playing representative netball, achieved astounding grades in high-school, got her P plates, started dating and started becoming her own person. I have so many stories that I could tell about Monique! Despite all this, she still finds the time to keep me close; and I am forever grateful for her.

Monique, Ty and I have been best-friends since day dot and I am the happiest person on this planet to be one of the few people able to say that I am still best-friends with my siblings.

No matter what you decide to do after today Monique, I will ALWAYS be here; whether on the other side of the world or a couple of streets away, just know that I am only a phone call away. I will ALWAYS support and help you in whatever you decide to put your mind too.

You are such a beautiful, kind, caring, strong, brave, witty, outgoing and genuine person. Despite me being your big sister, you inspire me everyday to be nobody but myself- you are legit my idol- I am so incredibly proud of you. I can’t wait to see where you decide to leave your footsteps. Hope you had an amazing graduation babe and an even better formal. I was sitting there at graduation with a massive grin on my face with tears welling in my eyes because I am so grateful for you. Also, you looked so beautiful at formal babe; make so many memories that you will forever cherish. I love you; always have and forever will. 💕👭

Racquel Hardie
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