At the end of 2014 I wrote about life lessons I had learnt that year and in 2015 I wrote about my stand-out moments of the year. Despite both these posts being horribly written and making me cringe so hard that I currently would like to curl up into a ball and never speak to anyone again their purpose was to reflect on the year that had passed and everything that I had been up to. So you’re probably expecting the same kind of post to finish off 2016, right? Well, in typical Racquel fashion, that probably would have been exactly what happened. Except when I started to write it I realised that I had not done much with my life this year and it would probably just be a massive waste-of-time. But there is a reason to all this backstory…

If you read my New Years Resolutions of 2016 post you would know that I only had three resolutions this year and that I did this on purpose. The past couple of years have been heckas for me, and I felt like I needed a year to just chill; and that’s exactly what I did. 2016 was what I like to call my ‘deliberately lazy year’- original, right?

So it’s pretty fucking obvious, but this year I decided to do lit-er-all-y nothing. Besides from working as a barista and a university ambassador, completing my two semesters of uni and writing this blog I pretty much just wasted my life by binge watching Geordie Shore, sleeping, procrastinating and curving my spine into a un-ergonomic shape by sitting on bed watching too much, PewDiePie, Shane, Lucas and Dan and Phil on YouTube. mum and dad u proud yet?

Not the point. This post will instead reflect on what i’ve learnt by doing nothing at all instead of doing everything all the time (internships, volunteering, extra qualifications etc). Strap yourselves in.

This infographic is the perfect representation of how a deliberately lazy year can either show you the sunnier side of life and help you to wake up and conquer this one precious life we have, or how a deliberately lazy year can make you crash and hit rock bottom again and have multiple existential crisis’; but hey it’s your choice what path you decide to take!

But in all seriousness, choosing to not participate in any volunteer work or internships or simply just saying no to things that I didn’t feel like doing was a immense help to my mental mind-frame and made me realise that I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself. It has also made me realise how I like to be doing things, conquering the day, being productive, pushing myself and achieving success. After 15 years of focusing all my attention onto succeeding as much as possible in everything that I put my mind to, I now know that I needed this break; it hasn’t just forced me to take a deep breath and develop proper relationships with people, it has made me realise even more the sort of person I am and the sort of person I hope and strive to be for the rest of my life- a pale, sarcastic, honest, hard-working, kind, welcoming, incredibly lame half nerd who is independent, creative, expressive, and not afraid to live by her personal values despite what others think.

Bring on 2017; there’s going to be exciting things in store!

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