A Quick Guide | Segway in Nice

A Quick Guide | Segway in Nice

A tourist hotspot of the French Rivera, Nice, is astoundingly magnificent to begin with. The deep blue sparkling seaside, the jaggered rock formations following the winding roads, the various pale shades of ocean-view buildings, the lush green environment sitting atop mountainous cliffs, the charming locals, and even more, never fail to disappoint the average traveller. But I have a question for you, if you ever visit Nice, or if you have visited Nice, what was, or would be, your mode of transportation when sightseeing?

A View of Nice. Taken by Racquel Hardie

A View of Nice

Sure, walking and driving are perfectly suitable, but did you ever think to Segway? A Segway is a completely underrated mode of transportation, and should be carefully considered as a viable option when taking to the streets of Nice. Imagine gliding along the waterfront boardwalks overlooking the glistening waters and colorful pebbles lining the beach, imagine bypassing on-looking tourists and locals with the wind whipping through your hair, imaging cruising around the sharp corners and up the steeper hills without having to move a muscle, and lastly, imagine the uniqueness of the photo you’ll have of yourself and your companions adventuring around Nice on Segway’s!

Segway along Nice. Taken by Racquel Hardie

Segwaying along Nice’s Beachfront

Segwaying your way throughout Nice allows 360 views at all times, allows you to tailor the speed at which you travel; either slowing down or speeding up your sightseeing plans, gives you a new skill in knowing how to use and operate a Segway, and most importantly, provides you with the forever-lasting memory of having an unforgettable time navigating your way in and around the heart of Nice. There are an array of tours that will meet your needs and wants, varying in price and duration, as well as a multitude of guides willing to provide hands-on training and support before you take to the streets of Nice.

A View of Nice's City. Taken by Racquel Hardie.

A View of Nice’s City

A reliable provider of Segway’s, Segway guiding, and Segway training are Mobilboard. I spent approximately an hour gliding around Nice’s waterfront, with approximately 20 minutes of training. Mobilboard provides friendly guides that are with you along the way and whom have extensive Segway experience. Prices range with duration, starting at 17 euros and increasing to 99 euros. I had a pleasant experience with Mobilboard that I will forever cherish.

So next time you’re in Nice, if you haven’t already, give this alternative mode of transportation a go and carry with you an experience you will never forget.


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