New Years Resolutions | 2018

New Years Resolutions | 2018

Legitimately, how is 2017 already over? How am I sitting here at my dining table, writing another resolutions post? I feel like these posts are a right of passage every year for myself. My review of this year’s resolutions and the process of making resolutions for the coming year is a repeated process reminding me that I have all these goals for a more-improved Racquel that will probably not be achieved…

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But don’t we all do this? Most of us just don’t publicise it on the Internet…

Down the rabbit hole we go again!

My 2017 resolutions were to:

  • Take some Piano lessons; i’ve always wanted to learn.
  • Continue to keep learning French
  • Release one blog post once a week
  • Socialise more
  • Save as much money as possible
  • Make definite plans to move out of home in 2018
  • Graduate university with the best grades possible
  • Put together a professional portfolio of design work
  • Enrol into a Masters degree OR land myself a full-time job
  • Try everything- even if i’m afraid to- on my euro-trip!
  • Video and Document my euro-trip
  • Volunteer once a month
  • Book a Graduation Holiday

I never took up the piano or learning more French, I failed at releasing one blog post a week, and I didn’t volunteer at all. Why? The mental health stuff was a big player in the game, but ultimately it came down to being time poor. I was in Europe for two months, then I was working 45 hour weeks, and then I went back to university full time.

I did not put together a professional portfolio of design work because I tend to loose interest in things very quickly, and this was one of those things. Lastly, I did not book a graduation holiday because Rac grew up and got a full-time job/was also a little poor from the $18,000 euro-trip and two months of unemployment.

Surprisingly though, there were a couple of resolutions that I succeeded at. I socialised more, I graduated university with the best grades possible, I landed myself a full-time job, I did literally everything I possibly could do on my euro-trip whilst videoing and documenting it all, and despite spending $18,000 on travel and being unemployed, I still managed to save as much money as I could.

In conclusion, 2017 wasn’t a massive flop resolution-wise, but what could Racquel have on the horizon for 2018? Let’s see…

  • Read more books
  • Blog more, maybe once a week.
  • Obtain a Visa to work in the UK for 2019
  • Look into applying for postgraduate degree study
  • Eat healthier, try being a vegetarian?
  • Smash some work goals and go on a famil!
  • Get fitter, maybe join a gym?
  • Holiday in Canada
  • Save lots of money!

I get the vibe that 2018 might be a little better than 2017 for me personally. Why? Because it’s already a change-up from the past four years of unstable employment and full-time study. I don’t know; 2018 just has a magical ring to it, maybe it’s just because it’s an even number…

We will see.

Let me know your new years resolutions for 2018 in the comments!


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