why i’m doing postgrad study

why i’m doing postgrad study

Hello homeslices, happy 2018! I hope your year so far has been as fulfilling as you hoped it would be. A month ago I wrote a post called 30 before 30 where I discussed thirty personal goals of mine that I would like to achieve before I turn thirty years old, and then approximately two weeks ago I published my 2018 new year resolutions. One common goal that featured in both of these posts was postgraduate study; in New Years Resolutions | 2018 I aimed to “look into applying for postgraduate degree study”, and in 30 before 30 I wrote “graduate from university with some sort of post-graduate degree”. I can now tick that goal off of both lists as on Monday January the 8th I was accepted into the University of Queensland for a Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management! I am officially a postgrad student ya’ll!

Of course, I was completely and utterly thrilled, and the people closest to me were also thrilled, but some are also equally confused. Equally confused because of how much I complained and stressed about my Bachelor’s Degree, but yet here I am throwing myself into more study. I am going to attempt to explain myself.

My bachelor’s degree was messy, because I made it messy. I started university undertaking both a business and fine arts degree, but then made myself ill with stress and decided to change to just a business degree after my first year. I continued on throughout my second and third year without thinking too much about the degree itself by keeping my mind occupied with five different jobs, volunteer work and netball. I took leave of absence in the first semester of my fourth year to travel around Europe, and ended up finishing my fourth year whilst being riddled with even more stress from working too much, to then being unemployed, to then starting my career in a new field.

My $40,000 piece of paper!

My $40,000 piece of paper!

Two positives that emerged from those four years of messiness was the realisation that I  actually enjoyed the field of tourism and that I wanted to lead a team. Postgraduate study had also always been on my mind, whether it was at the forefront of my thoughts or had been buried alive.

The last couple of months of my bachelor’s degree that coincided with my unemployment period provided me with more than enough time to really consider what my next move was; there were three things I was absolutely certain of. The first was my passion for tourism and travel, the second was that I was going to move to England, the third was that I needed more time. Then out of nowhere, like the universe was listening to my brain ticking over possible career pathways, I was offered a position with Flight Centre. The passion for tourism and travel thing? Yep, I had conquered that. This turn of events also gifted me with more time as I vowed to myself that I’d give this position at least one year. All that is left is the expat in England goal; 2019 is looking good.

Here I am, at the end of 2017, granted with a job in an industry I love, bound to Australia for at least one more year, and a grade-point average high enough to get me into a postgraduate degree. My next step was obvious.

That brings us to the present day. I’m working full time in travel and studying the first half of a masters degree (a graduate certificate) in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management with progression into leadership and moving to England on the horizon for 2019. We are only thirteen days into 2018 and for the first time since the start of 2017 I actually have some hope and I’m actually excited about my footsteps.

Here’s to a degree that I’m passionate about and here’s to another $16,000 in student debt!


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