one month make up free

one month make up free

I’m doing my own little project where every month I commit to something different, and the whole point of it is to see how far I can stretch my self-discipline and to see if I can better my health and wellbeing in any way possible. Judging by the title, you can probably tell what I decided to commit to for the month of April. I went make up free, and I want to share a little of my experience with the world of the internet, because let’s be real, cosmetics surround us and the general amount of the cosmetics market would not even give one thought to going a day in public with no make-up let alone a month.

I was probably 14 when I really started to wear make up on the daily. I had no idea how to apply it (and I’m still pretty clueless) but the point of wearing it was to cover up my blemished skin. The only time I really, truely disliked the way I looked was when my body was changing. I was 14 and I had just gotten my first period; as a side effect, my skin erupted with blemishes.

I tried everything under the sun for four years to bring back my clear, pale complexion I once had, but nothing worked; in fact, it got out of control. So much so that my parents and I agreed to seek the help of a dermatologist. The dermatologist recommended I get an ultrasound to see what the hell was happening within my body. Long story short, I had too much of a particular hormone that was causing my skin to break out. I ended up on the birth control pill (despite the complete lack of sex I was having) to control my hormones and things started looking up!

My skin cleared with age and I fortunately don’t have much scarring. I got off the pill at 19 just to see if things had stabilised, and for a while it was up and down, but at the age of 21 I finally feel like my hormones have sorted themselves out. Nevertheless, every time I walk out of my house I wack the foundation on out of habit and fear. So in April, I decided to stop.

I wanted to see how I went mentally and how my skin coped whilst being completely bare-faced.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out this week, so staying in my house with an aching face proved helpful for my first week make up free.

After my mouth had heeled and I had returned to work, I scoffed down all my Easter chocolate that I had been neglecting. It was also my time of the month this week so naturally my PMS was ridiculous. I was irritable, bloated, it felt like a knife was twisting my stomach inside out… I tried to avoid a mirror that week. My skin went mental.

My skin was on the mend, my body was chill in comparison to the week before, and I was in a good place. Week three make up free was recovery week; I was loving the extra 20 minutes of sleep I had from not having to apply make up. I realised that I wasn’t as self-conscious about being at work bare-faced in comparison to week two; it was just the ‘norm’ now.

Despite being slammed with uni assignments I was on a high most of this week. My skin was still a little spotty from week two but by this point in time I was completely cool with the general public seeing me all natural. I surrounded myself with incredible people, I was doing the best I had ever done at work, Winter weather started to approach and I woke up with blankets around my neck (I loveeeeee Winter), I treated myself to fresh winter pj’s and new sunglasses, I started working out, I started eating better, and I noticed little changes in my skin. I’ve always had a pretty oily complexion, and it’s still there, but I have noticed that said oil has minimised. My cheeks are so damn soft and the redness has reduced. I currently still have a couple of break outs but I’m not worried. In summary, I love wearing no make up and I will 100% be completely happy to go out in public make up free; it’s so damn empowering!


I’ve come to know my skin a little better over the past month; stress, PMS and copious amounts of sugar are not my friends. On the other hand, yes I may have had skin in the past that has made me loathe myself, and yes it’s still not perfect, but it has gotten better and to be honest, I wouldn’t be Racquel without a blemish here or there. I encourage everyone to try to go make-up free for a little! Get to know your skin a little better, and try to love yourself more!!

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