Girls Getaway to the United Arab Emirates!

Girls Getaway to the United Arab Emirates!

The last chunk of travel I endured was my incredible 2017 two-month escapade through the United Kingdom and Europe. For someone who thrives off of exploring this crazy beautiful world and fascinating cultures, 2017 seems like a lifetime ago.

Since then life has been a whirlwind. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, started a post-graduate degree, and work full time as a travel consultant while completing my certificate three in travel. I basically live at a desk now, and that in itself is making me restless. I needed something to look forward to, and the obvious solution to that was to book a holiday!

In early 2018, I published two blog posts, ‘New Years Resolutions | 2018’ and ’30 before 30’. In both of the posts I mentioned that a goal of mine was to take my Mum to Canada. Mum hasn’t been overseas in 30 years, so a mother-daughter getaway to Canada was the plan.

At the start of May I quoted a trip to Dubai for some customers; it equaled approximately $2025 per person and I couldn’t believe what they were getting for that price. I went home that afternoon and told my family about it; they too were amazed, and before I could process this thought myself, Mum piped up and said, “Why don’t we go to Dubai”? It was a valid question; why had I never considered visiting the United Arab Emirates before?

At work the next day I properly priced up this Dubai trip for my Mum, my Sister, and myself. I bought it home; we had a chat, and we let it simmer for a couple of days. One week later, we booked it in! We’re going to the UAE in November!

So what did I book and how much did I pay? The package included return economy flights with Emirates, six nights accommodation at a 5-star resort, return private transfers, buffet breakfast daily, a Dubai and Abu Dhabi city tour, and shuttle transfers to Jumeirah Beach. I was yet to realize or experience the perks of being a travel consultant; the most discount I had really received was $14 on flights to Adelaide, so after I applied the agent discount and saw a total of $1800 per person my jaw literally hit the ground and I had to tell everyone about it.

Just to reiterate, we paid $1800 each for return flights, six night in five star accommodation, private airport transfers, buffet breakfast daily, two city tours and a beach shuttle…. Crazy, right?

I finally feel a little more re energised and excited for life knowing that I will be jumping on a plane in six months to travel to a completely different location with my Mum and sister. I think the best part out of all of this is to see just how excited my Mum is after not having travelled internationally for 30 years. My job on a daily basis is pretty enjoyable, but the fact that I can give my family members something so extravagant for such a decent price is incredible and definitely the best perk of this job. This girls trip is going to be one I’ll never forget.

Racquel Hardie
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