30 BEFORE 30: Mid 2018 Update

30 BEFORE 30: Mid 2018 Update

Six months ago I uploaded a post titled ’30 BEFORE 30′. It was a trend that many other internet creatives took part in that explored thirty objectives an individual wanted to accomplish before they turned thirty years of age. As we grow, we change, so therefore this 30 before 30 list must change with us. I told myself that every six months I would come back to this list and refresh it to coincide with where I am in life; not a lot, just a little. Six months has passed and not much has changed, but I do feel like my 30 before 30 list is the tiniest bit outdated, so down the rabbit hole I go again!

My mid-2018 updated 30 before 30 list…

  1. Dye my hair an eccentric colour; like fairy floss pink or a lavender purple!
  2. Graduate from university with my Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management
  3. Move to London, England before March 2019
  4. Become fluent in German
  5. Write a book!
  6. Travel to Japan during cherry blossom season
  7. Trek Mt. Everest base camp
  8. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany
  9. Take a road trip around the United Kingdom 
  10. Run and complete a marathon
  11. Take my Mum on an overseas holiday
  12. Hike the Grand Canyon
  13. Sit on my bench in Regents Park in February 2019 fulfilled and content
  14. Be my own boss… someday.
  15. Visit the small town of Forks, Washington, where my younger Twilight obsession was based.
  16. Fill a full journal with lots of memories for the year 2019
  17. Write something about my experiences with mental health
  18. Own and love my own little puppy.
  19. Experience a white Christmas!
  20. Find my soul mate, whether in a lover or best friend.
  21. Go skinny-dipping… I’ve never been skinny-dipping.
  22. Save for a house deposit
  23. Find the guts to get a tattoo, even if it’s only tiny!
  24. Confidently wear a bikini
  25. Be the type of person that runs in the morning
  26. Be healthier, mentally and physically.
  27. Try a space cake in Amsterdam…
  28. Visit the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland and Chernobyl in Ukraine
  29. Ride every line on the Tube (idk, I just have a fascination with the Underground…)
  30. Be loved and love more.

In six months time, at the end of 2018, I will once again update this list, but I’ll also tick off the objectives I have accomplished. Make a list of your own! It’s a self-encouraging way to set, measure, and hopefully achieve your personal and professional goals.

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