Dear Racquel,

On December 29 2017 you wrote ‘I get the vibe that 2018 might be a little better than 2017 for me personally’… you were both so spot on and so far off. 2018 just existed. It wasn’t overly amazing or extremely memorable, but it wasn’t super harrowing or thoroughly depressing; it was a crossroads, ‘awfully average’ is the perfect summary.

Some highlights included making new friends through your new career, graduating from both a Bachelor and a Postgraduate degree from Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland, obtaining your Certificate 3 in Travel and growing your knowledge of the tourism industry through both Flight Centre and university, travelling to the United Arab Emirates with your Mum and Sister whilst exploring the landmarks and learning about the Arabic culture, and finally, getting your nervous ass into gear and obtaining your working visa for England!

2018 was preparation for 2019. This coming year you’ll be leaving your first ‘grown up job’ at Flight Centre Australia and becoming temporarily unemployed whilst searching for work in the UK, you’ll be making the move out of home to live 16,000 kilometres away from everyone and everything familiar, you’ll be forcing yourself to make new friends, and you’lll have no choice but to ‘grow up’ (start paying rent, budgeting, being emotionally stable…).

You are so ready for this, babe.

As you’ve grown into your 22 year old somewhat wiser self, you’ve started to realise how meaningless the title of ‘new years resolution’ is. Telling yourself that you’re going to start living a certain way and expecting yourself to carry that on for the rest of your life is unrealistic. Look back at your resolutions for 2018 and you literally completed four out of nine… and those four weren’t even continuous lifestyle changes, they were more like one-off goals!

This year, you don’t have new year resolutions; just general life goals that you would like to gradually pursue.

2019 is a year for self-growth. You’ve finally finished your studies, so you have literally nothing to fixate on except for actually enjoying your life. Do me a favour and fuel your body with colourful and natural foods; your skin will glow, your bones will grow strong, and those love handles will gradually fade away.

Speaking of love handles, open yourself up to the idea of a relationship! You can’t use the “I have no time with work and uni” excuse anymore… you’ve got disposable time, go on a date, get some romance in your life. You’re moving to England to “live the life a 22 year old should be living”, so do exactly that! Socialise. Make new friends and put time and effort into those relationships to make them strong! Have some fun. Go to events, dance a little, mingle, travel on your days off instead of snoozing every second you get, and yes, sometimes drink a little too much.

Keep in touch with your family; living away from them will wake you up to just how much they mean to you. Between work hours keep your eyes on climbing that corporate ladder! It’d be nice to be earning enough $$$ to have the ability to have your own flat in London.

And lastly, look after yourself. Go for walks to clear your head, watch some trash reality TV when you need to, see new places and experience all walks of life, and take time to reflect on what you’re doing and where you are.

You’re an amazing women. Remember that. Enjoy life! Enjoy 2019.

Lots of love,
Rac. x

Racquel Hardie
Racquel Hardie

A twenty-something Aussie woman passionate about travel and documenting everything.

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