Hello you! I’m Racquel, and welcome to my corner of the interwebs. This blog is my baby, I’ve nurtured and cared for it since its creation in 2014, and I’ve seen it grow into a collection of my interests and a documentation of my story so far.

I’m Australian, but I like to think of myself as a “citizen of the world”. Yep, you guessed it, travelling is kind of my thing. It’s my passion. I love sharing my experiences and giving advice to like-minded travel addicts; it’s actually my addiction. I’ve travelled all throughout Australia, Europe and New Zealand, but I left a piece of my heart in the UK and plan to collect it when I eventually move to England.

My 20 years of life has also seen me develop a love for graphic design, content creation, writing, marketing, management, video production, and tourism. Additionally, I indulge in watching YouTube videos until the early hours of the morning, developing hand cramps from too much Insta-scrolling, running to the sound of some sick beatz and road-tripping in my shitty, yellow, loveable Mazda.

I promise to provide you with travel opinions and relevant stories, keep you updated on my residency status, complain about how hard university is, and provide embarrassing storytime posts. In the meantime, I make travel vlogs, tweet completely irrelevant opinions, and post way too many Instapiccy’s; the links are at the top of this page!

Thank you for visiting this beautiful mess that I call my blog, and make sure to follow along for some lighthearted entertainment, honest feelings and adventurous experiences.